The leading Thai eSports startup company

Goals: Innovate E-sports, enhance the community & strive to be the best in Southeast Asia

We operate both online ( & offline (Thailand E-sports Arena) e-sports platform using a variety of technologies to build stronger e-sports community. We also have 3 years of experience in providing E-sports services and entertainment to top brands, both locally and internationally.

Our Brands


Launched as an online platform to operate online e-sports management, eArena has been successfully generating and managing interactive contents created by tournament participants. These interactive contents are utilized for user data compilation and creating better engagement amongst audiences. The data of the players and audiences are then stored in eArena and will be used for further research. Lastly, the platform is user-friendly and ready to localize in other countries in the near future.

Battle Series

Tournaments are held daily and weekly for everyone who deems themselves worthy to showcase their skills and talents, brawling competitively against one another for the prize pool! P.S. Not for the faint-hearted!


UEC specifically aims to promote and motivate university students who love gaming to go competitive, bringing out the potential in them to become professional athletes and maybe, even attach themselves to working in the E-sports industry.

eArena Academy

Academy is a space for people who are interested in developing skills. Guest speakers are invited to share their knowledge and skills. The sharing consists of many varieties of skills such as streaming and broadcasting/production techniques.

eArena Talents

"Streamer is not a dreamer."Thailand E-Sports Arena

As one of eArena’s projects and sub-brands, eArena Talents is opened to passionate people who are very keen in showing off their aptitude for bringing laughter, entertainment and happiness to the audience through streaming games. Approach us now and your dreams will turn into reality!

Thailand eSports Arena

Thailand eSports Arena have hosted more than 50 events within 10 months by providing e-sports services along with the venue. We hold events around the world which scale from a range of 50 to 10,000 people.

Brands we’ve worked with

come from various industries. Tech company, Game Publishers, Tele company, Universities, Governments agencies.